Thursday, March 18, 2010


So, I am at work.  The phone is ringing off the wall.  Well, it would be if it were on the wall!  A co-worker is IM'ing from CA.  My cellphone is vibrating at me....2 text messages from 2 different people.  I have Yahoo Messenger up on my computer. Two people are IM'ing and there is someone yelling for me from the front room. (I work from home.) Wait...there's a new voice mail on my cell and on my work answering machine.  I am on the phone & I am at work! 

When did I become a slave to these machines that have on and off buttons? And why do I think I have to answer each one of these right now?  I remember going to work to rest and get away from everyone.....nobody dared call me at work.  And why do I let it get to me?  After all, I just need to turn off my phone, shut down the Yahoo Messenger and tell the person yelling for me that I am at work and can't be disturbed. 

I truly don't understand people who get a rush out of this kind of stuff.  I've heard it called living off the adrenaline.  That is entirely too much adrenaline for me......I'll take a valium, please.  They must need to feel wanted.  I do too, but to me it's just too much pressure.  After all, don't I control each and every one of these machines? When did they begin to control me?  Well, OK, I do have to answer the work phone and the work IM, but c'mon...the rest are just going to have to wait!

So tomorrow, I'm going to turn on my computer and nothing else.  I don't need my cell phone at work.  I don't need Yahoo messenger at work.  I don't need it! 

I'm sure there is an off button on my cell....where in the world is it?!