Thursday, April 8, 2010


I am in Kansas City, MO, soaking at the International House of Prayer.  A very good time of soaking and spending time with God.  Today one set was intercession for the ending of abortion as well as for revival in America.  I was also praying for my granddaughter Mallory, whose cardiologist appointment has been moved up by six weeks.  Healing, healing, healing.  Talking to God.  Pacing.  Wondering if I could ever shut up long enough to hear His answer.  Started writing to Him, asking a question.  I believe I got an answer from Him, straight from His heart.

Abba, I believe in You.  I believe that Jesus died, shedding His blood on that cross.  And that He lives, seated at your right hand.  And I only ask this question because you are big enough and you know I'm thinking it.  Daddy, where are you?  Don't you see what's going on?  Of course you do.  So, again, where are you?

I AM in that still small voice leading you.  I AM!  I AM in the prayers of my saints.  I AM in the hearts of my saints.  I AM here - right now, right beside you, in front of you, behind you, leading you, guiding you.  Hear the war drums?  Time is drawing closer.  They are getting louder, stronger, fuller.  They are beating as my heart.  One who is ready to do war with my - our - enemy.  Listen to the cries of the saints.  They are not unheard.  Listen to the war drums.  They are the cries of my heart.  They are the cries of my heart.  Crying out for my people, my bride, my lover, the Ones given to me by the blood of the Lamb.  Feel the drums.  Feel me.  I AM here.  And I AM coming quickly.  Hold on!  Do not lose faith and do not be afraid to ask.  I AM here.

After writing His answer I noticed that all prayer / singing / music had stopped, with the exception of the drums.  There was absolutely no other noise but the beautiful sound of the drums.

God bless you all!